Come work as a summer camp counselor at IHC!

At IHC we look to hire exceptional individuals who are prepared to "do it all". Our working ethos revolves around the mindset: "What can I do to make someone else’s job easier?". Therefore, you may be hired as a Cabin Specialist or an Activity Specialist but first and foremost you are a Camp Counselor. In most scenarios your job description is identical: You live in a cabin with kids, you have equal responsibility to your peers, and you are working and striving for the same goals... oh and you're going to have the best summer of your life.

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Our counselors provide success oriented instruction and guidance through traditional activities as well as many zany, fun special events.

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Summer Camp Counselor Roles

The following are some of the summer camp counselor positions with the IHC team.

Cabin Specialist

Cabin Specialists are the “heart and soul” of camp. You live with campers and get to know them better than anyone else.

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Activity Specialist

Activity Specialists bring camp to life. You focus on a specific sport, waterfront activity, creative art, or outdoor adventure activity.

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Support Specialist

As a Support Specialist, you are the foundation of camp! Without you, camp just doesn’t work. This is everything from the Health Center to the Kitchen to Operations, and everything in between.

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Activity Director

Activity Directors head a specialty area such as Tennis, Waterfront, Waterskiing, Fine Arts, Theatre, Outdoor Adventure, etc.

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Group Leader

You eat, sleep, and breathe camp, and all you want to do is provide the best experience possible for IHC campers, parents, and our staff. If you think this describes you, we can’t wait to meet you!

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